Laura Rendlen Fine Mosaics evolved after a long career in art.


Upon graduation from Kansas City Art Institute ('82)  with a major in

Sculpture, I began painting scenery and props. My partner suggested we

do this with smaller brushes and in homes. 


We became experts in murals and tromp l’oeil and were very fortunate to

be commissioned to do some amazing and unique projects

(See Custom Murals and Painting) in Kansas City and Chicago.


After 25 years in residential and commercial work, I began looking for something that would allow me

to spend less time  "laboring on ladders."  When I was approached to do a mosaic back splash, I gladly

accepted.  After a great deal of research with all types of tiles, I created a Tuscan landscape.  When the

project was installed,  I knew I had found my calling.


Mosaics combine the tactile construction of sculpture, the vision of painting, and the timeless

permanence that I had been searching for in art.